Day Trip – Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island is a living memorial to America’s 26th president.

Tommy and I love taking Violet to Theodore Roosevelt Island. It is the perfect place to take her when we get tired of walking her around our neighborhood and want a change of scenery, for our sake and hers. 

The beauty of Theodore Roosevelt Island is how easy it is to get to because of it’s proximity to D.C. It takes us 10 minutes (without traffic) to jump in our Jeep, take 395S, then the GW Parkway, and we are there. Honestly, because it is so hassle-free to get to, this activity doesn’t even require a day, but just a couple of hours. In addition to being pet- friendly, one can come here to hike, jog, or picnic.

In the 1930s architects transformed Mason Island, as it was known then, from neglected overgrown farmland to what it is today. A “real forest” designed to mimic the natural forest that once covered the island.

We prefer to go early in the morning when it’s still relatively quiet and not too crowded. (It also make us feel incredibly productive the rest of the day). So Tommy, my mom, Violet, and I set out for the island on Saturday at 7:45am, with travel coffee mugs to go.

On the island miles of trails through wooded uplands and swampy bottomlands honor the legacy of a great outdoorsman and conservationist. Right in the middle of the Island is a statue of Theodore Roosevelt.

After a couple of hours, we had one tired, but very happy pittie puppy. Us humans were also feeling more awake and rejuvenated!

Tommy and Violet leading the way on the trail.

For more information on Theodore Roosevelt Island go here.



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