My List of the Top 7 D.C. Restaurants Where I Need to Eat a Meal

It is no secret – I love to eat. In fact, one of my most favorite things about living in D.C. is being able to try (and re-try) all of the great restaurants this city has to offer. In order to keep my pocketbook and waistband in check, I try very hard to adhere to my rule of eating out only on the weekends. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

The following restaurants are places I have never been to and desperately want to try. I will put the disclaimer out there now – some of these places have not graced Tom Sietsema’s Fall Dining Guide or made The Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best Restaurants. All the places on my list are there because they have had amazing reviews from friends and co-workers and/or because I have a particular affinity for the cuisine. 

1. Kushi

Kushi is an Izakaya and Sushi restaurant in Mount Vernon Square. My friend Stephanie told me about a year and a half ago that Kushi was one of her favorite restaurants. As a self-described “foodie” she had me intrigued. Ever since then I have wanted to eat here. She was particularly fond of their sushi and cocktails. Ate dinner here with Tommy for date night on April 26th!

2. Masa 14

Masa 14 features a menu of Latin-Asian small dishes. I am a lover of brunch and a co-worker told me about Masa’s bottomless brunch (food & drink) for $35 a person. Um, yes please! Ate brunch here on January 27th!

3. Komi

Komi serves a multi-course dinner for $135 per person. The plates are small, mysterious, and eclectic.  Yes, I do realize Komi has been included in Tom Sietsema’s Fall Dining Guide and The Washingtonian’s list, and is arguably one of the best restaurants in D.C. Maybe I have been persuaded by the hype. It also helps having a gift card to Komi given to you as a wedding present by some fabulous co-workers!

4. Ray’s Hell Burger

The name is pretty self-explanatory and who doesn’t need a much raved about burger joint on their list? Plus this is a restaurant I know Tommy will come to with me.

5. Proof

Proof is in Penn Quarter. While I have been here many times for happy hour or a late-night drink I have never had a meal here.  All of the things on the menu just look so delectable and comforting. Ate dinner here on March 16th!

6. Ripple

Ripple focuses on sustainability and organic and locally- acquired produce. The same friend that liked Kushi also raved about Ripple. She made sure to point out their wonderful selection of cheeses. And the fact that they have a grilled cheese bar – is there really anything more to say?  Ate dinner here on February 13th!

7. CityZen

This elusive modern American cuisine restaurant located in the Mandarin Oriental has been on my list since I moved here in 2006. I have heard stellar reviews from all kinds of people. I’m not sure why I haven’t been here yet, most likely because when I am starving and in a hurry to think of a place to eat the Mandarin Oriental doesn’t immediately jump out at me. It could also be that I hear it is rather pricey…maybe Tommy and I should save this for an anniversary dinner or something.


What D.C. restaurants are on your list of must-eats?



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9 responses to “My List of the Top 7 D.C. Restaurants Where I Need to Eat a Meal

  1. Meg

    Bistro du Coin and Hank’s – obvi!
    ps – cute pic.

  2. Haha obviously, but I’ve already eaten at those places. This list was for places I haven’t been to yet. Here’s an idea, come to DC so we can go to some 😉

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