Baseball is Here to Stay in D.C.!

I feel like an ample amount of time has passed where I can talk about them again. Them being, my beloved Nats. (Washington, D.C.’s baseball team). It’s no secret that I was heartbroken (read: pissed) that they lost Game 5 against the St. Louis Cardinals last month in the first round of play-offs, ending their World Series run. They had the game for so long and then something just happened and everything fell apart. The Washington Nationals incredible and some would say, miraculous, season was suddenly over. It was devastating.

Devastating on so many levels. You could see the excitement people felt about baseball in D.C. again. It was a site to see the streams and streams of people rushing to the stadium from the metro station or Circualtor, decked out in their Nats gear, smiling, laughing, and cheering. Justin’s Cafe, the sole Navy Yard bar at the moment, would be overflowing with people drinking and watching the game on TV for hours and hours. And then it stopped…

Don’t get me wrong. I do not understate or deny how hard this baseball team worked all season, against all the odds and critics. They still are division champs and still hold the best record in baseball for 2012. I was and continue to be proud of them. I just hope that next season will be another good season, no an even better season. I think I have reason to believe this – I know a lot of baseball experts and people who consider themselves baseball experts strongly believe the Nats have finally built a team to succeed for many years.

When does next season start, already?

Here’s to hoping because Tommy and I decided to buy season tickets for the 2013 season with a group of friends. BRING IT ON. Not only do we love going to baseball games, but since we live essentially across the street from the stadium, I feel like it would be a crime not to go baseball games. Anything to support our newly developing hood!

Even though I don’t think I have the stomach or heart for another year of play-off baseball in D.C., I say GAME ON. I can’t wait for Opening Day!


Any other hardcore baseball fans out there? Do you think the Nats will have another good season next year?



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