Tap Dogs

Tommy surprised me with two tickets to see Tap Dogs at Strathmore Music Center in North Bethesda on Saturday night. I was excited for two reasons: I had never heard of Tap Dogs before and was looking forward to seeing the show and because I had never been to Strathmore before. As you know, I love going to new places!

Strathmore is a venue that showcases a variety of performing arts shows and programs. According to the website, it prides itself on providing affordable and accessible arts programming in the Mansion at Strathmore, the Music Center at Strathmore, and on its scenic 11-acre site.

The view from our seats was awesome!

The official Tap Dogs website describes the show as the “hottest tap dancing show in the world”. Tommy and I really enjoyed the show. To me, it seemed to be a mix of tap dancing, clogging (which is really ironic since I was reminiscing my time being a clogger in elementary school to Tommy on the drive to the show), and Stomp.

There were six men who tapped together and separately for about 90 minutes straight. In addition to their (tap) shoes, there were various kinds of percussion to enjoy: drums that were played simultaneously as the men were tapping and basketballs and saws being used as props.

The six performers strongly encouraged audience participation whether it was by having the audience snap along with the different taps and beats being played at the time, clapping, or shouting encouraging words to the men. Each performer displayed certain comical characteristics, gimmicks, and gestures that endeared themselves to the audience. For example, one performer always ended his tap routines with a “strike a pose” pose.

Water was also a pretty prominent thing during the show. I think it’s because water enabled the performers to add a slightly different sound to the surface they were tapping on and because it was another way to engage the audience. All I will say is I’m glad I wasn’t sitting in the front row. 🙂

Both Tommy and I would recommend seeing Tap Dogs. I typically enjoy most performing arts/theater shows. Tommy is probably on the other side of this spectrum, but he liked the show because it was more contemporary rather than traditional.

For more information on Tap Dogs, go here.


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