Morning Run

I prefer to do my workouts in the early morning. This way the workout is already done, the mornings are naturally quieter so it’s good reflection time, and when I run outside there isn’t as much traffic to meander through so I feel like I can get a good pace and speed.

I have always been a morning person, waking up early has never been a problem for me. I think it began when I figured skated competitively as a child for 5 years and I had to wake up at 4:30am three days a week to get morning practice time in before school.

For my workouts, I generally alternate with running one day and lifting the next day and so on. I do this during the week and use the weekend to rest (unless I had to miss a workout during the week due to a work event or just being too tired to wake up at 5:30am).

This morning was a running day. More importantly, it was my last run before I officially start training for the half marathon on Monday. Woot! I decided to do my 3.06 route today. I love this route, namely because of the great things I able to pass by on my run.

The Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress.


The U.S. Capitol.

I also pass by the Supreme Court and the U.S. Senate Office buildings. Not too shabby!

When I come home between 6:30am – 6:45am, I am usually greeted by Tommy and Violet still in bed, trying to get their morning started.

Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty.


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4 responses to “Morning Run

  1. Enjoy training for your half!

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