Healthy Food on the Road

I am starting to mentally pack for our road trip to Maine. The actual packing will begin tomorrow night. We’ll be spending Christmas with Tommy’s family in the Portland area for about a week. We are all excited, especially Tommy. 🙂

Not the best picture of Jeff, our Jeep, but this will do. (This was taken the night we purchased him 6 months ago).Tommy, Violet and I will be spending many hours in him this Friday!

Not the best picture of Jeff, our Jeep, but this will do. (This was taken the night we purchased him 6 months ago. And yes, we are those people who name their vehicles.)
Tommy, Violet and I will be spending many hours in him this Friday!

I’ve thought a little bit about what to pack clothes-wise and shoe-wise (anything warm!) and what will go in Violet’s “suitcase”, but then I started thinking about snacks for the drive. We’ve decided to leave around 9pm on Friday night. This will have us driving through the night and arriving into Maine sometime between 10am – 11am on Saturday. I have a feeling a lot of snacking and coffee-drinking will take place. Whenever we do this drive, Tommy and I try to break the drive up between the two of us.

As many of you know with many a-road trips, bad eating habits can arise because of the convenience factor and because it is kind of difficult to eat healthy on the road, at least I find it to be. I also find myself rationalizing, “since I don’t eat fast -food normally, I can on road trips”. So I’ve set out on a mission: eat healthy on the drive up and the drive back. Let’s hope I can stick to it…

To get me started I began compiling  a list of healthy snacks to buy for the trip. Please, please, offer any suggestions – I need them! I plan on hitting the grocery store on Thursday night so the sooner you can offer suggestions, the better.

A few notes:

*While I enjoy a Luna bar or a breakfast bar of any kind from time to time, I don’t usually gravitate towards them, only if I have to. If it’s 11:30pm and I’m deciding between a Luna bar and a Whopper at Burger King, I may go the unhealthy route.

*I’m trying to stay away from fruit that may not be as appealing after being in a car for several hours or that can be difficult to eat while driving. This includes fruits such as oranges, pineapple, or apples.

My list so far:

  • Pop chips
  • Rice cakes
  • Trail mix
  • Cut up veggies – baby carrots (thank you Nova!)
  • Pretzels (thank you Nova!)
  • Roasted edamame (thank you Nova!)

I told you I need help!



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7 responses to “Healthy Food on the Road

  1. Tiffany Smith

    First things first. Please don’t go for the Whopper under any circumstances! And don’t forget that places like McDonald’s have salads and fruit too. Packing-wise, I love the Two Moms in the Raw bars as they are oat-based and tend to be filling. You could also create a nut mix of walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts that would be very high in vitamin E, selenium and omega-3s! Have fun in Maine and take lots of pictures!

  2. Meg

    I always like low-fat popcorn on the road. And Twizzlers. I don’t know why.

  3. My husband and I are doing a lot of driving over the Christmas break too, and I find myself in the same situation!

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