Crazy Snow Day

What a morning Tommy and I had!

It was supposed to be a simple, routine drive to the gym so I could bang out 3 miles on the treadmill and do some strength-training per my training plan, but it turned out to be anything but.

For starters a huge snow storm hit the Northeast last night and is expected to last all day today and until Friday at 4am. Tommy and I were aware of this when we decided to still go to the gym. (It was snowing pretty heavy when we left). We thought if we just drove slowly and carefully we would be fine.


And we were until we were halfway to the gym, when we slid off the road and into a ditch. Fortunately we were both safe, and Jeff (the Jeep) seemed to be totally fine, except his right rear tire appeared to be punctured. After driving around for a little bit to assess the damage and to determine if our tire really was going to have a flat and when it was obvious it was losing air, we pulled into a gas station to pump some air into the tire.



The tire readily and hungrily took the air from the pump. After this was done, we thought the most prudent thing to do was take Jeff to an auto repair place located conveniently next to the gas station to see if they could either repair our flat tire or put our spare tire on Jeff for the time being.

The repair shop was open and able to put our spare tire on no problem. However we found out we needed to buy a new tire to replace our flat one. Easy right? No. The guy at the repair shop suggested a tire shop 20 minutes away that should have had our tire, no sweat. We head over there to find out they don’t have our tire in stock. We then head to another tire place across the street. They don’t have our tire in stock either. After a couple of calls, we find a place in Portland that can get us our tire – tomorrow afternoon. They need to special order it in from Massachusetts.

Needless to say we didn’t make it to the gym….we are now back at the house and will take Jeff to the tire place in Portland tomorrow afternoon and will (hopefully) be on the road to D.C. soon after, tire and weather permitting.


Since I missed my workout today should 1) Try and squeeze it in tomorrow, which would have been my rest day? Or 2) Just skip this workout and carry on regularly with my plan as if nothing happened and I did do my run today? I am on Week 2 of my plan. Advice please!



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2 responses to “Crazy Snow Day

  1. Tiffany Smith

    Try to squeeze it in tomorrow and today can be your “rest” day!

  2. I’m jealous of all that snow! Not so jealous of the tire blow-out though…

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