Tire-ed Up and Ready to Go

As I type Jeff is at the tire shop getting his right rear tire replaced. If all goes well, he should be as good as new by 1:30pm. Tommy and I are chilling at Calabash waiting to get the call that all is well with Jeff. We have become fast buddies with the owner.

I was able to get my 3-mile run and strength training in (push-ups) at a gym right by the tire place, so that is done and done. Thanks for the advice Tiffany. 🙂 Kind of funny how everything seems to be working out today after the craziness of yesterday.

If all keeps going smoothly, we should be on the road in a couple of hours back to D.C. Let’s hope Ms. V. does all right on the road, that we get home safely, and that we don’t succumb to any fast food chains!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I plan on unpacking, paying some bills, catching up with my mom (she was in Cali visiting her folks) and watching the big Redskins vs. Cowboys game on Sunday. Go Cowboys!


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