Tuesday Tidbits – 10: New Year, New Me!


New Year

Please forgive the cheesy title, but as many of you already know and those who don’t, will find out soon enough, I am a fan of cheesy. This week’s Tuesday Tidbits is devoted to a few of my New Year resolutions for 2013.

  • Save money – I have realized that I need to do a better job of putting more money into my Savings account…and keeping it there.
  • Cut my debt – this includes finally paying off my graduate school loan (which was the result of me telling my parents I wanted to pay for my Master’s program on my own, without any financial help). I don’t regret the decision, but it sure will be nice to have this paid off once and for all.
  • Run a half-marathon (and then some!) – I am currently working/training for this goal right now. Bring on March 16 baby!
  • Bee in DC – this blog has brought so much joy to me and has provided a creative outlet for me that I have thrived on and look forward to everyday. Thanks for reading, it means the world to me.
  • Knock a few destinations off my travel list.

Cheers to 2013!


What are your New Year resolutions?



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4 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits – 10: New Year, New Me!

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