Ballet Beautiful

On Monday, my strength & stretch training day, I tried something new instead of lifting. My friend Elaine had recommended Ballet Beautiful to me the previous week as another possible workout option to do on my strength & stretch training days that is light, but effective.

Ballet Beautiful is a series of workout videos that is ballet-inspired fitness as it targets exercises and stretches to sculpt and tone ballet muscles. A ballerina walks you through some of her favorite workouts for abs, butt, arms, and inner and outer thighs. The exercises are quite challenging and don’t require weights or equipment so it is perfect for travelers and people on the go because you can do these workouts from anywhere.

Ballet Beautiful

Source: Google Images

I would recommend using a yoga mat or towel to do certain exercises, but I guess it isn’t necessary by any means. My yoga mat was glad to come out of the closet after about a 6-8 months hiatus.

You can buy these videos on iTunes for $11 or so. There are currently 2 seasons available on iTunes right now, Ballet Beautiful Body Blast Sports and Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout. I bought the Total Body Workout season. I did the arms and standing workout videos on Monday and my arms were burning afterwards, which I suppose is a good sign!

Tomorrow for my strength portion of my plan, after my 3.5 mile run, I think I’m going to do the arms workout again. However I definitely plan on going through all the different workouts this season has to offer – bridge series, abs, inner & outer thighs.

For more information on Ballet Beautiful go here.



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3 responses to “Ballet Beautiful

  1. Elaine

    I’m on week 3 of Ballet Beautiful and still living it! I also plan on getting the second video soon.

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