Griffin Tavern & Restaurant

Happy snow day! Isn’t the snow beautiful? Here is the last post in the “Skyline Drive” series if you will. 🙂

After our 2 hour hike along Skyline Drive we were STARVING. Violet included, who scarfed down her bowl of kibby we gave her once we got back to the car.

After driving along Skyline Drive for about thirty minutes or so we decided we had seen enough for the day and got on a local interstate in search of finding someplace to eat. Enter Griffin Tavern & Restaurant!

Griffin Tavern & Restaurant

Griffin Tavern & Restaurant

We spotted a sign from the interstate for the tavern and thought it sounded interesting. You know how spur-of-the-moment eating decisions are usually a bust? We were VERY pleasantly surprised with the food here. Total winner here.

The Tavern itself was very charming and it is located in Flint Hill, Virginia. It was fairly big too. There was a bar area (where we sat so Tommy could watch the football game), adjacent to the bar was a portion of the restaurant, an upstairs portion – which I assume had more tables and chairs for diners, and a large patio outside patrons could enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall.



I split the Classic Fish & Chips meal and a Howie Burger with my mom. A Howie Burger is a burger with American Cheese, Thousand Island dressing,  chopped pickles, onion and lettuce. Tommy ordered the Shepherd’s Pie. There wasn’t a single crumb left on anyone’s dish as we left the restaurant. Definitely the sign of delicious food!

The fish & chips were so good! The coleslaw was really good too.

The fish & chips were so good! The coleslaw was top notch too.

For more information on Griffin’s Tavern & Restaurant go here.


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