Tuesday Tidbits – 14

1. Per my half-marathon training I have to do a 5k race. My two friends (and former colleagues) were hosting their blog’s first annual 5k this past weekend and even though its race date was a week earlier than when I was supposed to run a 5k, I wanted to do the race to support them and to get some more running practice in. So per the advice of my friend Katie I just switched this week and next week’s training program to incorporate this 5k into my training. (Instead of doing a 6 mile run for my long run on Sunday, I did the 5k this past Saturday. I will do the 6 mile run next Sunday).

It was cold outside, but the run was so much fun! To top it all off my friends were holding a raffle for a $50 gift card to City Sports and guess who won?! Yours truly. 🙂

Checkout their blog District Delights – it’s one of my faves. 🙂



2. I finally went to Masa 14 with my friend Tammy for brunch this past weekend! Be on the lookout for a post about this experience later this week.

3. I also finally saw another Best Picture Academy Award movie nominee, Amour. It was a really good movie, but very depressing.

4. I have recently started watching old Ally McBeal episodes on Netflix. Anyone remember that show? When it was on TV years ago, it was one of my favorite TV shows. It is hysterical. Smile therapy anyone?

5. My friend Christina and I decided to register for the waiting list for the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon this coming July. Chances are we won’t get in since it’s an incredibly popular race (I wonder why!) but for $1.15 what the heck?! If by some miracle we do get in, it’ll be another half-marathon to check of the half – marathon list!



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