Rain, Rain, Go Away!

There are very few things that I hate in this world. One of them is rain. I just find it to be a pain and an inconvenience on so many levels.

It is rainy and cold in D.C. today.

I got to experience my first encounter with the rain earlier this morning when I was walking Violet before I left for work. I was determined not to let the weather put me in a bad mood, but surprisingly it didn’t take a lot of determination this time. (I will admit, even though I am known for my continuous cheery and optimistic disposition, if there is one thing that can zap that away for a bit, it’s rain).

Why, you ask? Because there a lot of things I am excited about for this impending weekend!

  • I get to see my mom who has been in Pakistan for over a week for work.
  • I get to celebrate a friend’s baby shower for her TWIN boys.
  • I am going to test out my new foam roller sometime this weekend.
  • I will be trying a new restaurant for D.C.’s Restaurant Week. Lookout for a post next week about it!
  • I plan on taste-testing different race fuel food during my 7 mile run on Sunday.
  • I am treating myself to a massage after my 7 mile run on Sunday.

5:30pm, are you here yet? 🙂


What are you excited about for the weekend?



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4 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  1. I totally get how weather has got you down, I’m hoping the snow projected for the Philly area doesn’t spoil my weekend plans too! I’m excited to catch up with a friend over dinner tonight, some quality time with the boyfriend, and getting in a few good workouts.

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