DCBFit is Open!

Tommy is back with another blog post, essentially a follow-up from his first post!

Ladies and gentleman the wait is finally over!

DCBFit opened doors for its first Muay Thai Kickboxing class on Tuesday night. Having traveled as far as Northern Thailand to train in Muay Thai, I’ve been dreaming of the day when a place to train would be opening right here in our very building!

Class began with Jerome welcoming everyone in and going over some basic ground rules. “You will get hit” comes to mind!

We started things off with a few rounds of shadow boxing and body weight calisthenics to warm up, followed by rounds on the heavy bags, then we focused on mit work and finished the session with sparring. Class was a lot of fun, with a spirited group giving it their all.

More to come as I will definitely be attending further training sessions and reporting back when fighters from our team (Jerome is currently training a team) are competing in some of the local competitions that the Mid-Atlantic Region has to offer!



(From Maya)

Earlier as I was walking home yesterday I watched another class at DCBFit with a bunch of men and women participating, read: kicking punching bags. (Tommy thought this might be the “fitness” class). I was kind of intrigued to take a class, it looked fun. Anyone want to join me?!


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