Makeup & Mimosas Benefiting Project Nicaragua

On Saturday I went to a really fun fundraiser for my friend Gia’s best friend Allison, who is currently trying to raise proceeds for Project One Nicaragua, a literary service project. Together Gia and Allison hosted the event, which consisted of Gia giving us a makeup tutorial, and thus makeovers, while we sipped on mimosas and ate really tasty finger foods that Allison had whipped up. All for the suggested donation price of $20!

The lovely hosts:

MM 8

Background on Allison’s journey that led to Project One Nicaragua

  • Project One Nicaragua is a true passion of Allison’s that began about a year and a half ago with a trip to Monte Tabor, Nicaragua where she and a group of people were able to rebuild several classrooms and also constructed a kitchen for the Centro Escolar ELIM and Instituto Diocesano Monte-Tabor in Managua, Nicaragua. 
  • Six months later Allison returned on a solo trip with six computer donations she had collected in hand and was able to open the first computer lab for the elementary school she had helped rebuild on her first trip.
  • Allison is planning on going back again in April 2013, but this time she will be staying for three months in the remote community of Los Ferrios, just outside of Managua, Nicaragua. And this is the next step of her journey in which she is trying to raise money for.

Project One Nicaragua Tidbits (taken from Allison’s website)

  • The community of Los Fierros started as a coffee plantation. Usually, coffee plantations hire large amounts of people in order to plant and harvest large amounts of coffee beans. During these seasons it is more convenient for these field workers to live on the premises, so the owners of the plantation permitted them to live with their families on the land. Eventually, the original coffee plantation stopped production, but the people continued to live in Los Fierros, having children and extending their families to what they are now.
  • Most people that currently live there work in nearby coffee fields.
  • There is only one school in Los Fierros. This school, Escuela Emmanuel Mongalo (EEM), was founded in 1996. It is a “primaria” (elementary school) which consists of preschool and Grades 1-6, serving a total of eighty students.
  • A PSE Alternative Break team rebuilt the school in 2005. In 2012, another PSE Alternative Break team reconditioned and remodeled the school. Currently, there are three classrooms and they are in desperate need of building a fourth. The construction of this forth classroom will be accomplished through this project and community members efforts.

Allison’s Role

 Allison’s job will consist of assisting EEM teachers with pre-school elementary education class planning, execution, and evaluation. In addition, she will provide ESL training for EEM teaching staff and ESL lessons for EEM students. Allison is also collecting computers to donate to this school and will provide installation, education, and training in computer usage in hopes to open EEM’s first computer lab. She will be staying with a host family during this time.

​Allison’s fundraising goal for the trip is $3,000. The cost of this trip will help pay for a construction crew for the project, necessary tools, construction materials, educational materials for the students, project transportation, and her accommodations with her host family in Los Ferrios.

Makeup & Mimosas

MM 3 collage

Along with some tasty appetizers:

MM Collage 2

Once everyone had a mimosa and a plate of food, we all sat down and paid attention to Gia, the makeup expert!

MM 12

A large table was set up for the guests to sit at during the makeup demonstrations.

Our work stations.

Our work stations.

Allison and Gia leading the makeup demonstrations.

Allison and Gia leading the makeup demonstrations.

Each guest received a color theory wheel (right handout), an agenda for the event, and face templates to write notes on (left handout).

Each guest received a color theory wheel (right handout), an agenda for the event, and face templates to write notes on (left handout).

Among the many things we learned were how to contour and highlight our faces, how to create a “smokey-eye”, and how to apply gel eyeliner.

Here were some of the after-results!

MM Collage 4

A good time was had by all! Not only did we learn some invaluable makeup tips, were able to sip and eat, most importantly we were all contributing to a wonderful cause.

Our group for Makeup & Mimosas.

Our group for Makeup & Mimosas.

For more information on Project One Nicaragua, go here.



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3 responses to “Makeup & Mimosas Benefiting Project Nicaragua

  1. Gia

    the next one is March 11th! thank you so much for coming Maya! I also hope you learned something while supporting a great cause!

  2. Thank you for posting this! I’m going to post this on my Facebook! I’m so happy you came supported and contributed to this project! It’s people like you that create progress!

  3. You have a awesome weblog over here. I just wanna say thanks for all the interesting information on it. I’ll follow your blog if you keep up the good work!

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