Tuesday Tidbits – 18

1. I am currently reading  Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore for book club this month. While I ordinarily wouldn’t have gravitated towards this book, I’m glad to have gotten the chance to read it. It’s pretty interesting so far. I have about 100 more pages to read – hopefully I can do it by this Sunday!

2. For you DCers, who probably already know this, Hawk and Dove on Pennsylvania Avenue got a major makeover. It has chandeliers now! While the bar, err, restaurant is very pretty (dark mahogany tables, stools, and bar space), I didn’t particularly care for the food. Granted, the group I was with just ordered two appetizers, the humus and the calamari, but a friend that had been there several times before said she had been disappointed with their food. The service was also incredibly slow.

3. The new cast for the upcoming Dancing with the Stars season was just announced today! I LOVE this show. It is the only reality TV I will watch. Here is the lineup: anyone you are excited to see strut their moves on the dance floor? Since I used to figure skate competitively when I was younger, I’m excited to see Dorothy Hamil wow us with her grace and elegance.

4. I love hazelnut coffee…that is all.

5. Spring couldn’t come fast enough in my humble opinion. I’m already dressing for the season – floral tips, bright pink shoes. If only. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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