I discovered Twice, a resale website that buys and sells gently worn, not too old ,second-hand clothes from another blog I read, Peanut Butter Fingers.

I was intrigued by the website because the idea of not going to a consignment store to try and sell clothes that I didn’t want anymore (because of the fit, the style, or because I was just tired of it), but that were still in very good condition was very appealing to me. Perhaps this is what you would call laziness.

Anyway, I found the whole process to be so easy!

The company has an “ABC” rule to all clothes they inspect:

A = age: In order to ensure consistent fit and style, all items must be less than 5 years old.

B = brand: Check that all your items are on the approved brand list (women’s clothes only). They currently do not resell men’s clothing.

C = condition: Examine all your garments for holes, stains, pilling, missing buttons, wear, and other defects.

When you have several article of clothes you want to sell, go to the website, look for the “sell” column and click on it (it’s all the way on the right). There you will find the ABC rule and a link to all the brands of clothes Twice accepts to resell.You are given a choice of whether to print a label and supply your own envelope or you can request that Twice send you an envelope.

I chose the latter:

The envelope my garment bag came in from Twice.

The envelope my garment bag came in from Twice.

Twice 2

The envelope that was supplied for me to send my clothes in to Twice. Warning: the envelope is huge so I would wait until you have several articles of clothing to sell. It also means more money!

I sent in a total of 6 items of clothing and Twice accepted three of them. Easiest $15 I made! I definitely plan on using Twice again. (The items they didn’t accept went to a local charity. You can either request clothes not selected be sent back to you for a small fee or they will donate them for free).

Note: I have only sold items to Twice. I have yet to purchase anything from them, but I’m sure all the clothes are fabulous. They seem to be very cognizant and committed to selecting quality and timely pieces of clothing to resell.

Also, in order to receive money paid to you from resold clothes you’ll need to have or open a Paypal account.

For more information, go to the Twice website.


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