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It’s about time!

A guy in our Nationals season ticket holders group forwarded this article to the group last night. Continue reading


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Come on Spring!

So much for March 20th being the official start of “spring”. D.C. and its surrounding area has had such strange weather lately – it feels more like that start of winter than spring. Continue reading


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The Best Pancakes Ever

My most favorite breakfast food in the entire world are the cottage cheese pancakes my mom or dad make. (This is saying a lot for a person that generally doesn’t really like breakfasty food). As a child, I remember always looking forward to the weekend specifically because I knew mom or dad would be whipping up these bad boys for our Saturday morning breakfast. Continue reading

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Tuesday Tidbits – 22

1. I went to Mari Vana, a Russian restaurant, one night last week for drinks and dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in months. I always pass this restaurant on my way to work and from work and was very curious about it. ┬áIt was a spur-of-the-moment decision to go here so I went in not knowing what to expect. I liked it! I will say the prices for drinks and food are on the high-end of the spectrum. I left dinner finding out that I love the Russian version of pork and beef dumplings. Soooo good. I made my friend order two servings. Continue reading


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30th Birthday Surprise

This past weekend was, oh, so much fun! As a birthday surprise I flew to Dallas so I could partake in the big 3-0 birthday festivities for my dear, dear friend Katie. There has been a lot of celebrating this specific number birthday as you’ll remember I flew out to L.A. last December to celebrate my friend Sarah turning 30. Continue reading


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