Tuesday Tidbits – 18

1. My mom and I saw Metamorphoses at Arena Stage on Friday night. Honestly, it was all right. I felt kind of letdown. I was really looking forward to seeing this play – so much so that I practically told my mom I would be her + 1 for this particular show no questions asked – probably because of reviews like this one. There were funny scenes and the use of water as part of the set did add a fun dimension to the play, but for all the hoopla this play received, I wasn’t entirely sold. At least I didn’t fall asleep like my mom did – SHHH! The acting was great, but I don’t think I connected personally with the plot of the play.

2. On Saturday night I saw the documentary “A Place at the Table” at E Street Cinema. I thought it was really good. If you want to watch a compelling, emotional, thought-provoking film, this is your film. The film centers around the issue of childhood hunger and poverty in America and closely follows three families coping with this issue.

3. A small group of my co-workers have a weekly “Gym Challenge” they do. Everyone puts in $25 and then sets their own weekly fitness goals. There is a Google Doc that is shared among everyone and each day everyone has to log-in their workout. Whoever wins the weekly challenge (achieves their fitness goals) wins! Simple as pie. I was asked to join and I immediately said yes because I love the idea of co-workers encouraging each other to workout. My slight competitive drive is starting to awaken…

4. I have finally succumbed to Uber, kind of. For you non-DCers, Uber bills itself as your on-demand private driver. For slightly more than a regular taxi, a black car will come pick you up wherever you are. In the car there will be beverages, snacks, and a newspaper (as so I am told). You can request an Uber ride from any location using your iPhone or Android. From your phone you can see if there is an Uber car near you and how long it will take to get to you. The best thing about Uber is that you don’t need cash. When you sign up for it, you give them a credit/debit card to put on file. Once your ride is done with the cab fare + a 20% tip is charged to your card. I had never done the black car pick-up before. While I thought it sounded cool, the frugal side of me kind of refused to pay more for a taxi (I usually don’t take too many normal taxis at that since I never have cash and I try to use public transportation as much as I can). However last night my dinner date convinced me to try it because now they also offer this service for regular taxis. The taxis using Uber are vetted by Uber first so you know they will be safe and polite. I downloaded the Uber app at dinner and gave them my credit card information. As we were paying the check, I requested a taxi and saw that it would be outside the restaurant in 3 minutes. Once we got to my condo, I collected my belongings and that was it! Five minutes later I got a receipt emailed to my phone for the cab ride. For more information on Uber, go here.

5. Despite my skepticism, it’s looking like people are thinking the Snowquester is a thing…



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3 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits – 18

  1. Herps

    You would like snowquester ya beast!

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