Protein Bar, a Pastry, and P!NK!

Last night was a fun-filled evening complete with delicious food (dinner & dessert) and a concert!

Last September – that’s right you read that correctly – a group of gals and I decided to buy tickets to P!NK’s concert in March 2013 in D.C.. We were all at the very least familiar with her music and we had heard that she put on a great live show. So we figured, why not? $50 seemed to be a pretty good deal (we got the cheap seats so we were in the nosebleed section).

We all decided to meet up at Rocket Bar (a bar right across the street from the Verizon Center where the concert was) for some pre-concert drinking and noshing. My friend Julie and I were abstaining from alcohol as we are physically and mentally preparing for the D.C. Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon on Saturday (YIKES!), but that didn’t stop me from eating. Since Rocket Bar only serves beverages, they allow patrons to bring food (from anywhere) into the bar.

Another girl and I decided to go pick something up from Protein Bar, an on-the-go style restaurant that is completely focused on healthy food that can be served in a quick, engaging way for active, on-the-go customers. Tommy and I had been wanting to try it for a long time. Um, I don’t know why I waited so long to go here. We both ordered the Spinach & Pesto Bowl, which included all-natural chicken with organic quinoa, spinach, basil pesto, and shredded parmesan cheese. It was so tasty and only 371 calories! I immediately texted Tommy to let him know what he was missing out on. Protein Bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a pretty good selection of food to choose from. I highly recommend it!

And probably because we felt so good about ourselves for eating such a delicious and nutritious dinner before a concert, we decided to stop into Red Velvet for a cupcake each. đŸ™‚

After we all finished up eating our dinner and drinking (the majority of us champagne and beer, the minority, water) we headed over to the Verizon Center.

The Hives, a band from Sweden, were opening for P!NK. They were okay. The highlight was (obviously) P!NK. I really, really enjoyed the concert. I went in generally liking P!NK and a lot of her songs and I came out of the concert really liking her. Not only does she have a great voice, but I didn’t realize how acrobatic and fit she is. She comprised a lot of Cirque de Soleil elements into her show – flying through the air and performing intricate and complex acrobatic moves in the air and on the dance floor. I was very impressed. I also found her to be very funny and down-to-earth during song breaks when she would converse with the audience.

All in all it was a great night in D.C.!


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