Lavagna Brunch

As you already know, I really like Lavagna on 8th Street/Barracks Row. I have eaten here for dinner several times and Tommy and I hosted our holiday party here last year.

I had been eager to try Lavagna’s weekend brunch for a while since I am a lover of brunch-eating and because this blog really talked it up. Tiffany and I decided to eat brunch here on Sunday at my request. The result – it was all right.

The food was good, but that was it. I wouldn’t carry on and on about it.

To start we each ordered a type of Bellini, which were very, very delicious. I ordered a raspberry Bellini (on the left) and Tiffany ordered a mixed berry one. We could have easily stayed for hours on end drinking these bad boys (which I will say is one of the perks about this brunch. The restaurant will allow you to do this. You can pay $10 for unlimited bottomless Bellini/mimosa drinking), but we decided to be good and just stuck with one each.

I also ordered a latte which was pretty good and kept getting refilled without my asking.


Then we decided to share the fruit plate because everyone needs more fruit in their life. The fruit was delicious, but I thought the portion size was a little meager…

photo (1)

For my main course I decided to be adventurous and ordered the Italian Sausage Gravy which was a focaccia biscuit with scrambled eggs and gravy. It was huge and tasty. I couldn’t eat the entire thing, though I wished I could have!

photo (2)

Tiffany ordered the Pear Arugula Salad, which she thought was a little small and a side order of scrambled eggs.

I will definitely come back here since I do love the food, especially the pasta, (maybe next time, after Lent, I will choose the Fettuccine Bolognese for my entrée and will drink numerous Bellini’s!) but I wouldn’t be overly liberal in my compliments and love for this brunch to people.


Fellow DC-ers, have you tried the brunch at Lavagna yet? What did you think?



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2 responses to “Lavagna Brunch

  1. Tiffany Smith

    Agreed on the portion size, but still had an amazing time! It was so good to see you!

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