Monthly Date Nights

I will be honest, I am not sure what brought this on or where it came from, but last night as we were getting ready for bed I told Tommy I wanted to install a monthly date night plan for us. Nothing fancy or over complicated.

The so-called date night would be once a month and we would alternate months where one of us would be in charge of planning a date night for us. The said dates could be as easy as going to a movie, out to dinner, or a sporting event. And one month if Tommy or I were feeling particularly ambitious and generous it could be something as grand as going to a bed and breakfast one night or going out for drinks and to a show.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am a hopeless romantic, however as of late Tommy and I each have had incredibly busy schedules where a lot of our commitments don’t overlap. Of course we see each other in the morning and at night, and when we get together with friends for birthday celebrations and dinners, but it would be nice to have a day and time to look forward to where we can spend a little time alone with just each other.  I am also curious to see what dates Tommy cooks up since I’m usually the one who makes our social plans. 😉 And always the blogger, I would probably makes this a mini-series or something on Bee in DC.

Also, always the planner, I have already started looking on websites for fun ideas for April. I figured since I declared that we start doing this, I should be the one to initiate the first “official date night” and honestly, to show him how it’s done! I’ve perused Groupon, Living Social, Goldstar, and the Washington Post’s Capitol Deal.  So far nothing jumps at me, but I’m sure I will find something.


Any suggestions for Tommy and my first date night? For the couples out there, do you all do set date nights?


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