Drink the District

On Saturday afternoon two of my neighbors and I attended the first Drink the District at Yards Park, a huge wine festival. Apparently the first one was such a huge success there are promises for more later this spring and summer turning the festival into a series!

I had a lot of fun.  The weather was beautiful and (finally) more spring-like. The event happened a mere 5 minutes away from my home so that was convenient and the company was wonderful! I even ran into several co-workers there, which was a nice treat.

One of my neighbors, Anna, and I decided to approach our four hour wine tasting session smartly. We would first find something to eat from one of the many food trucks parked for the event. Anna decided on a Vietnamese truck where she got a delicious Banh Mi sandwich. I settled on a crepe truck and devoured a savory crepe stuffed with ham, gruyere cheese, and mushrooms.

photo (10)

As we were eating away my other neighbor, Danielle, joined us. As soon as we were done getting some sustenance in our bodies we were ready to tackle the wine!

The way the wine festival was set up was numerous white tents were sprinkled about along the waterfront, each tent offering tables upon tables of different wine brands and wine types.

photo (11)

One thing to note about this Drink the District wine festival and possibly others to follow – this wine festival was not the same thing as a wine tasting in the sense that the wine-pourers were volunteers who generally didn’t know anything about the wine they were serving. We came upon one or two volunteers who had taken the time to research their brand of wine they would be serving to give some direction to tasters, but overall their sole purpose was just to pour the wine.

Not that we or other attendees were complaining, most of the pourers gave out very generous portions of “tasting cup portions”, but if a newbie to wine or even a wine connuessier was hoping to attend this festival to learn more about wine, they would have been disappointed.

In addition to wine, food trucks, and some vendors selling jewelry, there was also boccee and other outdoor games being played among festival-goers.

photo (13)

My only other critique/observation besides the volunteers not knowing much about the wine they were serving, was there was a lot of confusion on whether or not festival-goers could actually purchase any of the wines they tasted and really liked. Allegedly if a person wanted to buy a particular wine, s/he could take a picture of the bottle and then text a number on one of the many placards showcasing the brand of the wine. Once they did that, they could enter in the address of where s/he wanted the wine shipped and s/he would also get a 10% discount. Only thing is, no one working the tents really knew about this process of sale (the Events Director told us this separately) and there were no phone numbers on any of the wine placards. For the next wine festival it would be awesome if festival-goers would be able to purchase wine on the premises.

All in all we had a great time enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon in our neighborhood drinking wine and chatting away!

photo (14)

A perk of the festival? We got to keep our snazzy wine tasting cup as a souvenir.

photo (16)


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