Tuesday Tidbits – 24

1. Tommy and I had the extreme pleasure and honor of meeting this little one born on Saturday, only a day later on Sunday!

Hello world, meet Leah Avery Chen!

Hello world, meet Leah Avery Chen!

2. This below has become my most favorite breakfast and snack dish. For some reason I get cravings for scrambled eggs (never happened before) and when I add small pieces of avocado to my scrambled eggs, it is delicious (and nutritious)!



3. I have decided to try and abide to this every Sunday morning – not to schedule anything (brunch, a run, running an errand, etc) until 11:00am or later. This past Sunday I didn’t need to be anywhere until 1:00pm. This allowed me to sleep in a little, take Violet on a nice long stroll, and then settle down with a fresh cup of coffee while I read the Sunday newspaper in its entirety. These simple acts, especially reading the newspaper, felt incredible. I think it’s because for the past 3-4 weeks I’ve been so busy I a) have either felt rushed reading the newspaper, b) only had time to read one or two sections of the newspaper, c) didn’t have time to read the paper until Sunday evening and thus felt rushed to read it before the day ended, or d) had to dump the entire Sunday paper in the recycle bin because it wouldn’t have made sense to read the paper 5 days later. It was great to start the day with this “task” ,if you will, completed. It’s the small things yet again. 🙂

4. Tommy and I set the dates for when we will be going to Belize! Now we’re in the process of monitoring flight prices, settling on activities once we get there, and lining up Violet care.

5. And just because…

My sweet baby.

My sweet baby.

Happy Tuesday!


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