Gordon Biersch/Navy Yard – Ballpark

I finally went here!

My friend Jessica and I met up for brunch at this locale before heading across the street to Nats ballpark to watch them take on the Atlanta Braves on Sunday. Sadly, the Nationals did not win. However if it’s any constellation, Jessica and I had a lovely brunch. 🙂 Oh and Jessica’s team did win.

I am not one to fawn over too many chain food restaurants, (I prefer more unique, specialized eateries) but Gordon Biersch is different in my opinion. It brews its own beers and because it is in my hood, I have to support it. 🙂

The glorious patio.

The glorious patio.

Jessica and I thought it was a bit too chilly at noon to sit outside so we opted for a booth inside.

We were seated right next to the kitchen where we could look in if we wanted.

We were seated right next to the kitchen where we could look in if we wanted.

You might notice that thus far there haven’t been any food pictures. Both Jessica and I realized this AFTER we had eaten everything in sight. Oops.

For an appetizer we ordered the blue crab and artichoke dip with crostinis (sooooo good!) For her main dish Jessica ordered the BBQ sandwich with sweet potato fries and I ordered the Caesar salad. We left the restaurant stuffed and happy and ready for some baseball and beer.

The great bar area.

The great bar area.

I plan on coming back here to either watch the Nats play or the Capitals kick butt at some hockey!

The dining room area.

The dining room area.

The dining area is very spacious. When we first learned GB’s was coming to the neighborhood I was worried the restaurant space would be teeny tiny, but it didn’t disappoint!

Nats Ballpark.

Nats Ballpark.

And located conveniently across the street…

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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