Tuesday Tidbits – 25

1) Prayers for Boston. I cannot believe we are dealing with another senseless tragedy. I watched a lot of TV coverage last night and this morning. I couldn’t help it. On the brighter side of things there were many heroes that stepped up in the face of crisis and sadness.

2) This was a fun work project I did on Friday afternoon. I thought my office wall could use some more color. Paper Source to the rescue!

Look at my colorful 2013 calendar!

Look at my colorful 2013 wall calendar!

3) Checkout this cutie pittie I ran into at dinner on Sunday night.

His name was Diesel.

Sweet and docile Diesel.

4) Bring on more work travel for this week! I will be heading to New York City and Boston.

5) I joined Vida! Yesterday they were offering a special, $15 for the enrollment fee. Normally it’s $100. Hey – oh!



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3 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits – 25

  1. Herps

    Herps thinks you would join Vida! Herps works out there too…

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