To B & B or Not to B & B

An article in this past weekend’s Washington Post caught my eye. For those that don’t know, “B & B” stands for Bed & Breakfast. The article was a two-parter, if you will. One article was written by a woman explaining why she adored Bed & Breakfasts and the other article was written by a businessman showcasing his reasons for not loving B&Bs.

Here are the links:

The main reason why this particular story piqued my interest is because Tommy and I decided to stay in at a B&B in Annapolis next month. And in an interesting turn of events, it was Tommy who suggested we stay at a B&B instead of one of the hotels recommended on our friends’ wedding website. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of B&Bs, but I was more than happy to stay at a hotel. However Tommy was pretty opinionated about not wanting to stay at a “boring, normal” hotel. He’d rather stay somewhere with character (and probably somewhere that is known for its cooking). Fine by me!

(I must admit, for some reason it really surprised me that A) he suggested staying at a B&B and B) he knew what one was.

After a lot of searching, we decided to stay at the Gatehouse Bed and Breakfast. I am really excited about it. We’re staying in a super cute suite and the breakfast menu description sounds amazing!

Hopefully Tommy’s will like his first experience at a B&B…


Are you a fan of B&Bs or not really? How come?


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