Chef Tammy and Chef Miki

On Saturday night, Tommy and I were treated to dinner at my friend Tammy’s house. She and our friend Miki had graciously agreed (after my asking 🙂 to host and cook a dinner for a few of us. Those in attendance were Tommy, Tammy, her boyfriend, Miki, her husband, and me. It was all so good!

For an appetizer the chefs whipped up baked brie with raspberry preserves and almonds in a puff pastry. Crackers and sliced apples complemented the dish. I unashamedly probably polished off more than half of this on my own. I just couldn’t stop eating it!

photo (3)

Tammy was so fancy with her place settings at the table!

photo (8)

For the main course the chefs cooked a Honey Roast Chicken. Click here for the recipe.

photo (4)

We also had Caramelized Broccoli with Garlic. Click here for the recipe.

photo (5)

And a Crispy Potato Roast. Click here for the recipe.

photo (6)

And some good ole fashioned biscuits!

photo (7)

I made sure to load my plate up both times I got up.

photo (9)

It was all so very tasty. We all definitely appreciated eating a delicious home cooked meal and appreciated the hours Tammy and Miki spent slaving away in the kitchen.

Of course no dinner party is complete without dessert. The chefs made strawberry shortcakes!!! YUM. Click here for the recipe.

photo (10)

A small token of Tommy and my appreciation for Tammy and Miki cooking and hosting this amazing dinner. (We also supplied the beverages).

photo (11)

After dinner was over Tammy loaded me up with leftovers to take home as a good hostess should. I snacked on some leftovers yesterday and brought the remaining leftovers for lunch today. My stomach is already gurgling just thinking about eating it. 🙂

Hats off to the chefs!



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2 responses to “Chef Tammy and Chef Miki

  1. Herps

    Herps is pissed, there are no Tuesday Tidbits!!!!

  2. tammy

    Happy to do it! You’re next to host one!

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