Yesterday I took my first group class at Vida as an official Vida member!

My friend Katie and I decided to forgo a happy hour together and instead chose to get in tune with our inner well-being and de-stress from life in general at Vinyasa. Vida describes Vinyasa as “the perfect complement to any fitness routine whether you’re a runner, power lifter, or just looking to sculpt & tone your body. You’ll flow from one posture (asana) to the next in conjunction with your breath to build heat and increase flexibility. Vinyasa translates to breath synchronized movement and offers a wide variety of poses, sequences, and challenging progressions”. In short, it’s a form of yoga.

I loved it. It felt so good to be in a group exercise class again (this is the main reason why I decided to join a gym again, I missed fitness classes). As I remarked to Katie on the way out I am usually so bad about stretching after I run that it’s good I got a good workout doing this at Vinyasa. Of course it also felt so good to stretch parts of my body that I don’t think to stretch. In a cheesy (but true) way, it was great to kind of “escape” for one hour from thinking about work or upcoming plans. Since this was my first Vida class I  focused a lot of my attention on the instructor and the movements he was having us do. Though I will say at the end where he had us laying down with our eyes closed practicing our breathing, I just couldn’t do it. Laying down was fine, but I guess I just couldn’t sit still anymore physically and mentally. Oh well, I guess I will have to work on that. 🙂

I plan on taking a spin class at Vida tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!


Are you a member at a gym?


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  1. Christina

    I love, love, love Vinyasa!! That’s what I practice at Exhale and have been practicing now for over 4 years. It’s truly freeing and challenging at the same time. I also love Ashtanga, which vinyasa spun off from. Ashtanga is the original form of yoga and I highly reccomend it too. So excited that you enjoyed your first class. 🙂 Next time you are in Dallas you will have to come with me to a class. (Yoga will also be very helpful in your training for the half. It’s a great way to create balance in your workouts since running gets us so tight.)

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