Zumba at the Office

What do you all think? My work recently announced that it would be providing FREE onsite weekly Zumba classes for all employees on Wednesdays. Yay or nay?

When I first read this I was ecstatic! Not only do I love Zumba, but the fact that I could do it every week for free, and not have to leave the office (i.e. go to the gym or back near my house after work first) totally had me sold.


I got another co-worker’s perspective. She had some pretty strong feelings towards doing Zumba with co-workers. First of all, she didn’t like the idea of staying in our office to work out. She explained that she needed to leave the office at some point and whenever she worked out she always separated this from her work life so she either ran outside or went to the gym. This helps her de-stress and get out of work mode for a little bit. Her other reason, she wasn’t exactly sure she’d feel comfortable doing Zumba with co-workers because of the nature of Zumba – a lot of hip and booty shaking involved. Doing this in a class with a friend or two and tons of other people you don’t know is one thing…doing it with co-workers you work with all day?

I completely get her reasons, but I think I could overlook them. Though I will admit her second reason now has me thinking about it a little more than I initially did, (which I didn’t even think about).




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