Cause – a PhilanthroPub

Remember when I vowed to explore U Street more?

In keeping with this (though I admit at the time of planning this vow really wasn’t at the forefront of my mind) I headed to Cause located in the U Street Corridor. Cause is described as a “PhilanthroPub” and is essentially just a pub or bar – they serve beer and cocktails and food. However the owners say all profits made at Cause are donated to various non-profits.  (Though I do wonder how the owner makes money and is able to pay his staff).

The owner used to be in the Peace Corps and thought of this idea because he strongly felt that while many people truly wanted to give back to the community and make a difference, time and geographical constraints prevented them from doing so. He thought why not find something that people do already (go out to eat and drink) and find a way for some of that money to be given to non-profits devoted to helping out the unfortunate.

Anyway last night was the GW Alumni Community Outreach and Service Committee’s “kick-off” event. We decided for our first event we would just do an old-fashioned happy hour to get people engaged and excited about the committee before delving into more service-related events and projects. Nova brilliantly suggested doing the happy hour at Cause as to tie it to service in a way. And the rest is history!

The happy hour was a success! We enlisted three new people that seem very excited about the committee and spreading the word and are excited for our next event – a 5k! The food at Cause was very good (we ordered regular and sweet potato fries and the chicken wings), although our waitress could have been much faster with our orders and bringing us our check, but no matter. 🙂 We had the choice of selecting one of three non-profits that are happy hour proceeds would go to. I can’t remember the exact name of the organization the majority of us wanted to support, but it supported urban adults by teaching them skills to thrive in today’s world.

For more information on Cause, go here.


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