Last night my friend Katie and I went to Bryan Voltaggio’s new restaurant, Range, in Friendship Heights. (He has two other restaurants in Maryland, Volt and Family Meal). We both had been wanting to come here for awhile. Bryan is actually hosting a dinner for my office at Range in June so I figured I should probably eat here at some point before the event! Katie and I were not disappointed. Everything was so good.

Per the usual, we each ordered a glass (Katie had two by night’s end) of Pinot Grigio to sip on while we looked at the menu. We wanted to try as many things as we could so we ordered several small dishes of different menu items.

First up, the skillet cornbread with bacon marmalade:

photo (5)

Then we had the goat cheese seamless ravioli with braised meat ragu.

photo (6)

Followed by the pork rilletes with rosemary-apple sauce. We had to have our protein!

photo (7)

And since we are both seafood lovers, we ordered the arctic char with eggplant caponata and kalamata aioli.

photo (8)

Next up were some delicious veggie selections, the asparagus with espelette and parmesan.

photo (9)

And fried brussels sprouts!

photo (10)

Finally for dessert I ordered a scoop of the Tahitian vanilla frozen yogurt and Katie got two different scoops of some other frozen yogurt flavors, but the names escape me. They were very delicious though!

photo (11)

I would definitely go back to Range for another meal, in addition to already going back for my work event next month. 🙂

For more information on Range, go here.



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