Gatehouse Bed and Breakfast

Tommy and I stayed at the Gatehouse Bed & Breakfast in Annapolis this past weekend. It was a very pleasant and relaxing experience. I thought the owners, a husband and wife, were very nice and helpful. The property, a town home, with 5 bedrooms, was beautiful. It was just steps away from the Naval Academy.

We stayed in the Capitol View Mini-Suite.


The bed was super comfortable! The room very spacious.

photo (7)

Our private bathroom.

The breakfast on Sunday was simple, but tasty. I couldn’t help but comment to Tommy on this: from my past B&B experiences as a kid traveling with my parents and Marshall on various occasions, I remembered breakfasts at B&Bs to be RIDICULOUS. Mounds and mounds of delicious food at your fingertips or constantly being served to you. I am talking breakfast breads, quiches, fruit, tarts, pancakes, waffles, etc. The breakfast at the Gatehouse wasn’t this. And I can’t decide if maybe my memory is exaggerating a little or if the size of breakfast was due to the B&B we stayed (the husband had mentioned that he and his wife sort of fell into the B&B business and had never stepped foot in one, besides their own, themselves). I guess I’ll have to stay at another B&B in the area again for comparison!

My place setting.

My place setting.

Now with my napkin in my lap.

Now with my napkin in my lap.

Fruit to start.

Fruit to start.

Breakfast. Very tasty, but a little understated then I remembered...

Breakfast. Very tasty, but a little understated then I remembered…

We had a very nice breakfast and we talked to the other couple staying at the B&B. It is Commission Week this week (Naval Academy graduation) in Annapolis and the couple had rented out the entire B&B for the whole week for graduation festivities for their son. So Tommy and I were really lucky to get our room on Saturday night!

All in all we had a very nice stay at the Gatehouse. While I certainly would stay here again if I ever overnighted in Annapolis again, I would probably want to try somewhere new just for another experience.

The exterior of the Gatehouse.

The exterior of the Gatehouse.

photo (6)

For more information on this Bed & Breakfast go here.



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4 responses to “Gatehouse Bed and Breakfast

  1. Nice pictures! Its always an education to see how things are done in the other parts of the world. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your b&b seems nice and the pics helps a lot in explaining every part of it.The Images of Dishes are great.

  3. Thanks for this post. I’ve been looking for the best way to celebrate w/ my partner our anniversary. Ive been choosing to stay in a hotel or in a bed and breakfast and this post has given me a lot more to think about. This gave me also some great idea! Thanks!

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