The celebration continues!

As you already know, last Saturday was Tommy’s birthday, but as luck would have it scheduling conflicts have turned his special day into a special week – not that anyone is complaining!

On his actual birthday we were in Annapolis for a friend’s wedding and our good friends Lindsay and Mario treated us to a delicious “Tommy’s birthday lunch” at the Boatyard Bar & Grill.

This Saturday is the big tubing and BBQ trip – be prepared to read more about that next week!

And this past Tuesday night, Tommy, my mom, and I went out for his special birthday dinner at Bobby Van’s Grill on New York Avenue. It worked out perfectly since I had purchased a Groupon for this restaurant because a) I am always looking for a good deal and b) I had never eaten a meal here before so I thought “when in Rome”? Tommy’s usual birthday dinner standby is Fogo de Chao, but he decided he wanted to mix things up a bit, and so that is how the three of us found ourselves in a spacious booth at Bobby Van’s.

The service was great and the food was even better. Seriously. Not one in our party had something slightly negative to say about our meals. Upscale steakhouses know how to do it right!

I decided I had to have the linguine and clams because I needed carbs in my life that night (I had had a full work day in Boston earlier!) and lets be honest when have I never ever not needed carbs, specifically, pasta in my life? I am also not a big meat eater. Very rarely do I have a craving for steak and ordering something “non-steak” at a steakhouse isn’t uncommon for me.

photo (12)

Tommy was so cute, he couldn’t get over the size of his 16oz prime rib filet. He couldn’t have been happier to snap a photo of it for me. 🙂

photo (13)

Mom ordered the grilled salmon steak. Sadly no picture.

It was a lovely evening of fine dining with the birthday boy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!


When you go to a steakhouse do you always order steak? If not, what do you order?



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