Birthday Tubing & BBQ


I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Tommy and I did – it was definitely a jam-packed whirlwind of a weekend. ­čÖé

The much-anticipated tubing trip finally took place. Tommy and I were both a little worried about the weather as it was cold, rainy & dreary, and overcast all day Friday. Definitely not tubing weather. Speaking of that… mid-morning on Friday I got a call from the company I was using for Tommy’s birthday extravaganza and to make a long story short, instead of tubing on Saturday we were going to white-water raft since the river level was way too high and dangerous due to all the rainfall for tubing.

Thankfully we woke up to a sunny and beautiful ,albeit cooler than we would have liked, Saturday (it was probably mid-60s when we woke up with the promise of it creeping to 70). No sweat, we just added on more layers than we normally would have worn for white-water rafting in 80-90 degree weather and told our guests to do the same.

At around 11:00am or so all 18 of us were in Knoxville, Maryland, suited up and were getting our safety introduction course before we hit the river.

Ready to get this party started!

Ready to get this party started!

It was finally time for us to load up in three different rafts to begin our rapid adventure! (Get it?) We would spend part of our trip rafting along the Shenandoah River and the other half along the Potomac River.


2013-05-25_12-01-37_6252013-05-25_12-01-56_675 (1)

We all had a blast. We were probably out on the river for about 2.5 hours. The cooler weather didn’t dampen anyone’s mood and it wasn’t that┬ábad. We all got pretty drenched as each raft tackled level 2 and level 3 rapids (there are five different levels to describe the intensity of each rapid, 1 – 5. One is the lowest and five is the highest). My friend Julie and I decided to sit at the very front of our raft (the captains if you will), which was a good or bad idea depending on how you looked at it, as we got the brunt of each rapid and splash.

I had a little mishap on the river. As a person who is a self and other people described “photo nazi”, I took my camera on the rafting trip with me tucked in a Ziploc bag, safely inserted in my life vest so I could document our river wild trip…or so I thought. Needless to say all the photos I had taken prior to the rafting trip will have to wait until I get my camera fixed. I am currently relying on photos other people took and that I later took with my iPhone for this post. Sad. ­čśŽ

After we were done rafting it was time for the BBQ – which worked out because we are all STARVING after rafting for several hours. This is the location where our BBQ was provided, right along the river. Gorgeous!

photo (25)

photo (27)

The famous hamburger cake pops as party favors made their appearance – and were devoured instantaneously.

photo (26)

The cake pops were incredible. The pops themselves were incredibly moist and flavorful. Mara, the owner, of Sweet ‘N’ Delicious, followed my instructions and inspiration photo for the cake pops to a “T”. I highly recommend using Mara for any of your cake pop or cupcake needs. She was very attentive over email when discussing my order and listening to exactly what I wanted, and she delivered the cake pops to my door the day before the party.

Special thanks to everyone who came out for Tommy’s birthday. It meant a lot to┬áboth of us and we all hope you had a great time!

Extra special thanks to Outdoor Adventures River and Trail Outfitters who led the white-water rafting tour and supplied the catered BBQ. Everything was super organized, everyone was incredibly flexible and accommodating, and the rafting guides were a blast on the trip.

We will definitely use them again the next time we want another outdoor river adventure!


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