Tuesday Tidbits – 31

1. Last week my friend Lindsay and I enjoyed a meal at Posto on 14th Street NW. She had never been there before and I had been only once before – in 2007 or so. The food, wine, and conversation were divine!

She ordered the Melanzane – Classic eggplant parmiggiana, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese.

photo (15)I ordered the Paglia e Fieno – Egg-spinach fettuccine, local pheasant ragu, fresh herbs, parmesan cheese.


2. I got some use out of the Baked and Wired gift card I won at a work raffle. Yum!

An aulait and a lemon raspberry cupcake for Sunday breakfast!

An aulait and a lemon raspberry cupcake for Sunday breakfast!

3. I made some much-needed Lululemon purchases to wear to my barre classes and other group fitness classes I take at Vida, my gym!

4. I finally watched Zero Dark Thirty this weekend. I really liked it, I found it very informative and suspenseful.

5. I have decided to give Zumba at the office a try this week! Let’s see how it goes. Several of my co-workers did it last week, the first week it was offered, and had great things to say about the class and instructor. I’m excited to boogie down. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!



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