Date Night – Iron Man 3

Monthly date night is alive and well! Last month as you may remember Tommy and I dined at Kushi. This month we went with another traditional date night standby, going to a movie! It was Tommy’s turn to head up date night this month and he took note of all my hints…

For reasons I cannot explain I really like the Iron Man trilogy. I had seen both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 in the theaters and had been wanting to do this for Iron Man 3. I’m not into comic books at all, but I guess I just like the action-packed fun of these movies. I also do like Robert Downey Jr. as an actor, his character portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man, cracks me up. Sure his witty, sarcastic, and narcissistic nature would annoy me if I had to deal with it on a daily basis, but on the big screen it’s okay. 😉 I also like Gwyneth Paltrow as an actress.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

It’s hard to tell where Tommy stands on these movies, but whatever they are he purchased two tickets for the 8:30pm  showing of Iron Man on Monday night (Memorial Day). It was everything I hoped it would be – I liked the plot, the character development, the witty banter between Tony and Pepper, and I liked the self-discovery, pain and vulnerability Tony had to deal with a lot more in this movie. I thought there was a great balance between seriousness, action, and comedic relief.

My only question is, will there be an Iron Man 4?!


Do you have a favorite Marvel comic book based movie?


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