Late to the party – National Running Day

I know I am late to the party as yesterday was National Running Day.

It did make me so happy to see a lot of people celebrating and recognizing the day over Facebook, the blog world, and by word of mouth. You may be asking yourself did I go for a run in honor of the day? Sadly, no. I was supposed to, but I just couldn’t. I am coming off a pretty packed few days of work with little sleep, not to mention a wedding I had to attend this past weekend, so I listened to my body and rested yesterday.

I was back on the wagon this morning running 4 miles at race pace per my training plan!

In honor and celebration of National Running Day, I have dedicated this post to running. The topic, running in cold weather vs. warm weather.  As you already know, I much prefer to run in cold weather. Call me crazy (as a lot of folks do), but I do. And after having had to run in high-70 humid weather over the past few weeks, my weather preference has only been further affirmed.

Why Running in Cold Weather is Better than Warm Weather: just a few reasons

  • Running in warm weather causes chafing under your arms and your thighs. I experienced the first one this past Saturday after my 8 mile run (never mind I started running at 8am). This doesn’t happen with winter running as you are most likely running in leggings and long sleeves, not shorts and a tank top.
  • I have pockets in all of my winter running clothes for snacks and my inhaler. I do not in my summer running clothes.
  • The possibility of getting sunburned is greater in the summer than the winter, thus resulting in one having to put sunscreen on his/her face prior to running. Not only is this an inconvenience, but your face feels greasy and gross even before you start sweating.
  • If you have sensitive skin (like yours truly) you will start to find that the excessive sweat (from running and just the hot weather) starts irritating your skin in random places (face, neck).
  • In the warmer months, you have to carry a water bottle on your longer runs. In the winter you do not.
  • In the winter, it doesn’t matter what time you choose to run, the weather is pretty consistent – cold. In the summer if you prefer running outside, the only acceptably cool time to run is in the early morning. On weekends in particular this can sometimes be an inconvenience.

And for these few reasons alone are why I prefer running in colder weather vs. warmer weather. Too bad the D.C. summer heat and humidity is only starting…


Which do you prefer? Running in cold weather or hot weather?



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