As I have seen friends before me do this (Sarah and Katie and so many others), my time has come. I am a 30 year old today.

Even though I am a strong believer in age is just a number, it does feel sort of strange saying the word “thirty”. I am no longer in my 20s…at age 15 I remember thinking 30 was so old and definitely thinking I would have had at least two kids by then. Um no. 🙂 Not yet.

Today started with a pretty good 5 mile run before work. I got up a little earlier than usual to make sure I would have enough time to complete this run. I did an old standby route – running to the Capitol, then down and up the mall, and back to my house.

Before heading to the office I decided to redeem my special Starbucks birthday drink. My drink of choice? Grande skim chai latte. YUM!

photo (16)

For lunch several co-workers treated me to lunch at Paul. The weather was perfect, actually. We all enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio. One of my co-workers and I split a blueberry tart for dessert!


Later tonight Tommy and I will be heading to Bibiana for dinner. I am so excited! Be on the lookout for a post on this soon!


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