Birthday Weekend Part 1

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start. 🙂 Mine is, just a little tired, but nothing an afternoon cup of coffee can’t fix!

This weekend was affectionately called my birthday extension weekend. Since my actual birthday happened on a week day last week, we decided to save the serious “I’ve just turned 30 partying” for the weekend. 🙂

One of my two best friends from college flew in for the special weekend. It was such a blast spending time with her and taking her to some of the more recent D.C. restaurants and bars. (The last time she was here was for Tommy and my wedding in October 2011!) It also really meant a lot for her to be here for this milestone birthday. In her exact words, “we’ve turned 20 together, now 30, bring on 40 baby”!

I picked her up at the airport Friday early afternoon. We headed home right after that where I quickly got together some crackers, cheese, and fruit for us both to munch on as we were both famished. While she got a little freshened up, I took Ms. Violet out for a walk and then freshened up myself.

Before our big dinner plans, we were heading to Pearl Dive for a co-workers going way happy hour. We each ordered a sparkling wine to sip on as we chatted with people for about an hour or so.

Then it was on to Le Diplomat for dinner! I had heard and read such wonderful things about Stephen Starr’s new restaurant in D.C. so I was very excited to try it. Even though it is rather difficult to snag reservations here since it is in very high demand I was able to get one, albeit at 5:30pm. Katie and I had a very leisurely 3-hour meal here. The weather was perfect this weekend, so we decided to sit outside on the patio area. It honestly felt like we could have really been dining along a Paris street. It was awesome!

Fresh of sipping our sparkling wine from Pearl Dive, we each promptly ordered cocktails to drink along with our appetizers.

I got the Romarin with Absolut, St. Germain,  Rosemary, and Grapefruit. YUM!

photo (35)

Katie ordered the Tête-à-Tête with Grey Goose, Lillet, Saffron, and Fleur de se. (Not pictured).

For appetizers we choose the Ricotta Ravioli and the Mushroom Tart. The tart was FANTASTIC. The ravioli was good, but man the tart was incredible, so yummy.

photo (33)photo (34)

Once we were finished with our appetizers, we decided to order a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio to enjoy with dinner.

photo (36)

For an entrée, I decided to order the mussels (which I paired with the delicious assortment of bread that kept getting refilled) and Katie ordered the scallops (not pictured).

photo (37)

Next up was dessert! We decided to split the creme brulee. By this time we were starting to feel a bit sleepy so she ordered an espresso (not pictured), while I settled for a latte.

photo (38)

photo (39)

After our delicious meal, we decided to take a nice stroll to our next destination. We were meeting another friend of mine for a drink at Church Key. After enjoying a beer here, we took the party back to my place where we sipped on some more wine and just caught up with each other. Birthday Weekend was off to a great start! Be on the lookout for Saturday’s festivities on Wednesday. 🙂


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