Coffee lovers out there?

This link from Daily Candy got my attention this morning (coincidentally I had just finished my cup of coffee at home before heading out the door to work).

D.C. Coffee Shops That Top You Off.

The places I have had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee off the list are (and I wasn’t disappointed!):

While I would like to try all of the remaining suggested places, the ones I have been wanting to go to for a long time are:

  • Open City
  • Dolcezza

For me, I’m not sure if I truly, truly, truly enjoy the taste and art of a good cup of coffee or if it is more of a routine thing for me so I look forward to it everyday. In any event, I am a self-described coffee lover and drinker and as such I should make more of an effort to go to these top notch coffee places often, or at least once!


Have you been to any of these places on the list? If so, what did you think?


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