Tuesday Tidbits – 35

1) My best friend Katie got engaged on Saturday night! Sooooo happy for her and her now fiance, Jon. 🙂 She and I have weekly phone chats on Wednesday night so I can’t wait to talk to her about wedding plans now!

2) As you already know, I was in New York City for work on Friday. The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and high 70s. Bryant Park was absolutely packed. While I waited for a friend to come meet me for a drink at Bryant Park Grill, I snapped a couple of pictures:


photo (1)

3) I am seriously contemplating buying this sports bra for my upcoming half marathon next month that my friend Christina recommended. Per my little rant on why I prefer cold weather running to warm weather running, I desperately need more pockets to store crucial items during my long runs (running snacks, body glide, keys, etc).

4) Not sure how I feel about this as a frequent Starbucks goer.

5) I’m getting excited for July 4th next week (how is it already July 4th?!) We have a couple BBQs on the calendar, tickets to go to the evening parade at Barracks Row, and plans to just simply relax and maybe catch some rays at the pool. 🙂


Do you have any fun upcoming 4th of July plans?



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2 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits – 35

  1. Herps

    Herps doesn’t care for your plans!

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