Union Market

I made it to Union Market!  Here are some snapshots of my visit.

First my friend Allison and I had to eat lunch at one of the cute restaurants in the large, open, inside space that is Union Market. We chose to eat at Rappahannock Oysters Co. since I had heard so many wonderful things about it.

photo (2)

Allison and I both decided to try a Mandarin Orange Maine Root soda. It was delicious!

photo (3)

As we were sipping our sodas, we perused the menu deciding what we wanted to order.

photo (4)

I decided to order the fried oyster pancake.

photo (5)

Allison got the tuna tartare.

photo (6)

We decided to split a crab cake as well.

photo (7)

After we were properly stuffed, we walked around the market for a bit.

photo (8)

I decided to pick up a variety of sausages at a butcher kiosk.

photo (9)

We enjoyed a little wine tasting (and then promptly bought a bottle of a wine we sampled) at Cordial.

photo (10)

Then we strolled over to the produce booths as we both wanted to pick up some veggies and fruits.

photo (11)

While I am a sucker for fresh flowers, I resisted the urge to buy any at Union Market.

photo (12)

Good to note, there is a nice little outdoor area where people can sit (or lay out) and play field games.

photo (13)

I will definitely be coming back here this summer and strongly suggest you do as well!



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