A friend sent me this fun quick little survey to do as a break during her work day yesterday. I thought it was cool and decided to share my currently list with you!

Blessing: Wonderful family and friends, new opportunities

Outfit: Black pants, white tank top, navy blue blazer, tan flats, green necklace

Guilty pleasure: The TV show Mistresses

Excitement: Upcoming half marathon in Napa and Sonoma and San Fran trip with my friend Christina

Favorite show: Mad Men

Indulgence: Massages

Needs: New running sports bra!

Wish list: Tory Burch sandals and a David Yurman ring (it’s the nice things in life right?)

Food: Nothing now, but will soon be eating my spinach orzo pasta for lunch

Drink: Water and a skim chai

Nail color: Fingernails – nothing, toenails – some kind of “shocking” pink

Music: Nothing right now. On my run this morning I listened to my Rock ‘N’ Roll Half marathon play list.


What are your currents right now?



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7 responses to “Currently…

  1. Herps

    Herps has a few for the list, but can’t do the whole thing.

    Indulgence: My mirken (, I spent a lot, but a girl’s got needs.

    Needs: Gold plated health insurance. You can guess why….

    Wish list: A membership at my new favorite dating site….

    Music: Khia – My Neck, My Back, this song pretty much sums up Herps’ life –

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