Flashback Sunday – The Babysitters Club

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has even better Fourth of July plans coming this week.

I had a little flashback Sunday if you will. As I am sure I am not alone, I grew up loving and reading Ann M. Martin’s the Babysitters Club book series. I honestly think I had all of them at one point. My love for reading came about at a really early age and my parents were none too pleased to buy me all the books I wanted. They also accompanied me to the library A LOT. My favorite babysitter was Mary Anne Spier and then later added Claudia Kishi to the mix. I think when I was a lot younger I identified with Mary Anne because she was a little quieter than her friends and loved to read. Later on, I began to admire Claudia’s unique fashion sense. 🙂

Anyway I was taking some much needed couch and TV time Sunday evening and as I was scrolling threw my Netflix options, I stumbled upon the Babysitter’s Club TV series! Anyone remember when those came out circa 1990-1993? I vaguely remember watching a few of these episodes back in the day. I actually didn’t realize there were a lot more that I had never seen. I re-watched Mary Anne and the Brunettes, Stacey’s Big Break, and Claudia and the Missing Jewels about 25 years later…I also watched two episodes I had never seen, The Babysitter’s Club Special Christmas and Stacey Takes a Stand. There are also 6 other episodes I haven’t seen yet, that I may watch throughout this week as I relive my childhood. No shame, no shame.

Here is a fun link I found when Googling Babysitter’s Club.

The rest of my Sunday was perfection. It began with a nice 10k run in the morning (only 3 more weeks until my half marathon out west!), followed by a neighbor’s BBQ and then some relaxing and productivity around the house with Tommy and Ms. Violet.


Did you ever read the Babysitters Club books? If so, who was your favorite babysitter and why?


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