Girls lunch over mussels and frites

Despite the disgusting (rainy, hot, humid) weather on Friday it turned out to be a delightful day in other respects. Namely, a half work day followed by a girls lunch at Brasserie Beck, which led to a spontaneous, but to be expected little catnap once I got home, and then a great phone chat with my friend Meg.

My friends Lindsay and Tammy had agreed to be my lunch dates a few weeks prior to Friday, and two days before lunch I found out we had a surprise guest also coming, our friend Teresa who was visiting from Cairo, Egypt!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch over great conversation, a large portion of it covering the current events happening in Cairo right now.

We ordered frites for the table to start.

We ordered frites for the table to start.

Not going to lie Teresa and I also each ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio since we didn’t have to return to work. Sadly Lindsay and Tammy couldn’t join in on the Friday lunch drinking…

photo (1)

Lindsay and Teresa decided to order the grilled octopus to share as another appetizer.

photo (4)

Tammy decided to be a “high-roller” and ordered the Steak and Frites for lunch, while the rest of us ordered mussels. (She also doesn’t care for seafood of any kind).

Yummy, yummy, yummy mussels!!!

photo (2)

I decided to order the Classic White Wine mussels.

photo (3)

Teresa ordered the Mediterranean mussels.

Lindsay got the Wild Mushrooms mussels.

Lindsay got the Wild Mushrooms mussels.

Cheers to a wonderful lunch – thanks for joining me ladies!


Do you like seafood? If yes, what is your favorite type of seafood? If no, how come?


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  1. Teresa

    I can’t wait for our next lunch adventure!

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