Tuesday Tidbits – 38

1) It was “start to make my half marathon playlist” time last night! I downloaded some (brand) new and older songs from iTunes (big thanks to Tommy letting me use his iTune gift card he got for his birthday). I also spent some time looking through my own iTunes music library and pulled out several oldies but goodies to add to the playlist. I’m still working on the final playlist so stayed tuned! If you have any song suggestions, please let me know!

2) As a Glee watcher and fan, I was shocked and saddened to read about the tragic and premature death of Finn AKA Cory Monteith. I am sure I am not alone in wondering how Glee will address this in the upcoming season(s).

3) I cannot wait to try this new restaurant in D.C.

4) I plan on making some of these low cal, but tasty dinners!

5) Belize tickets have been bought baby!!!


Any last minute “must add” songs to my half marathon playlist?!


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