A Little Delay Won’t Ruin my Vacay!

My flight out of D.C. ended up being delayed for 3.5 hours on Saturday. After having us wait in the airplane for over an hour without air conditioning the captain announced there was a technical difficulty with the engine that required a spare part being brought in from Dulles International Airport (we were flying out of Ronald Reagan Airport). The transportation time and repair time was estimated to be about 2 hours.

A cup of coffee and two magazines later we were ready to go! The flight was pretty uneventful, I slept a little, read Bossy Pants (hysterical!) on my iPad, listened to music, and chatted with a couple sitting on my row. I also felt horrible that because of my flight delay Christina would have to wait 3 hours for my arrival at the San Francisco airport. While I knew what happened was out of my control, I still felt bad.

A few hours later (6.5 to be exact) she and I were reunited! After waiting for my suitcase at bag claim and picking up our rental car, we were on the way to Napa.

The drive to Napa wasn’t bad at all. Our original plan before my flight delay had been to check into our hotel, go to Kelly Fleming Winery, pick up our race packets, and then enjoy a delicious meal at Bottega in Yountville, a town in Napa. What ended up happening was us quickly checking into our hotel and racing to make our reservation at Bottega. (This restaurant came VERY highly recommended from several people and it was super tough to get a reservation in the first place. I had called earlier when I was still in D.C. to see if they could push back our reservation any later and was told no, everything was booked).

Bottega was so great! The restaurant itself was beautiful – it was spacious, but was still intimate and romantic. The service and food were top notch.

To start I ordered the Grilled Shortrib Meatballs my coworker had asked me to try since she wasn’t able to order them when she and her boyfriend had dined here two weeks ago when they were on vacation. Three words: oh my goodness!


Christina, a vegetarian, ordered the Shaves Brussels Sprout salad for her appetizer.


Christina and I also decided to order the Truffle Parmigiano Fries to share at the suggestion of our waiter. (Pre-race carb loading right?)


For our entree we decided to split the Potato Dough Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta, black truffles, farm fresh egg yolk, and safe brown butter. Heaven!


After our amazing dinner, we strolled across the street to the famous Bouchon Bakery to pick up a loaf of French bread to enjoy at the wineries the next day, some yummy macaroons, and some gifts for people.


I decided to get a lemon and raspberry macaroon to enjoy the next day post race.


After Bouchon we headed to Whole Foods to pick up other snacks and essentials (read: water) for the race and wineries the next day. Then it was back to the hotel to rest up for the big race! Race recap tomorrow. 🙂



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