Check-in: Things I Want to Do in 2013

Since it is the beginning of August (can you believe it?!), which signals that summer is winding down and the year 2013 is more than half over, I thought I would do a check-in for this post.

1. I want to host more dinner parties and invite more friends over for dinner this year, just because.

I could be doing better with this one. It’s definitely not for lack of wanting to have people over for dinner or not wanting to cook. It’s just been difficult to find time to do this. I can only remember cooking dinner for Arlene in May…

2. I want to host a brunch for several friends complete with a bagel bar and mimosa bar (and of course other brunchy things like quiche, fruit, eggs, bacon, etc). 

This hasn’t happened for the same reason as above.

3. I want to a host a couple of game nights with friends.

Hasn’t happened yet, but I have started thinking about this complete with note-taking and looking at possible dates. That counts right?

4. I want to take more weekend trips. Locales include the Inn at Perry Cabin, the Eastern Shore in general, Monticello, Landsdowne Resort, and the Homestead.

While we haven’t taken weekend trips per se to these locations we have done a lot of driving to and from Annapolis, the Greenbrier Resort, and to Blue Bell, PA. I’m hoping to knock some of these trips out this coming fall.

5. I want to drive Skyline Drive and explore the parkDONE!

6. I want to plan a vacation, hopefully to one of these destinations.  Napa Valley and San Francisco DONE!

7. I want to go to the Hirshhorn Museum  – I think that’s the only Smithsonian museum I haven’t been to. Though I have walked through the sculpture garden several times.

Haven’t done yet.

8. I want to go see the MLK Memorial – no, I haven’t done this yet. I know it’s crazy.

I have run by it several times training for my second half marathon. Does that count?

9. I want to go to a gospel brunch in D.C. The Hamilton also does a gospel brunch, but I think I’d prefer to go to the one at Howard Theater, seems more authentic.

Still really want to do this.


So what do you think? Have I made decent progress thus far for August or do I need to step up my game?



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2 responses to “Check-in: Things I Want to Do in 2013

  1. Katy Langley

    I love these ideas! I second the weekend trips…I’d like to start doing more of that too.

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