I Can’t Belize It! Part 2

Needless to say Tommy and I were pretty excited once our plane touched down on the tarmac at the Belize City airport. We were ready to start our vacation together!

We got through customs and picking up our checked baggage fairly quickly. We crossed the street once we exited the airport doors to retrieve our rental car. And then we were on our way to Placencia! Googlemaps estimated that it was about a 3.5 hour drive from Belize City to Placencia, a town on the coast.

The drive was pretty uneventful. We saw a lot of the small country that is Belize. It was so lush and for the most part very underdeveloped which was a change from what we had seen for a few years. There would be stretches of rain forest and trees and not much else and then out of nowhere huts (aka villages) would appear and disappear.

One thing we noticed is that Belizeans aren’t fans of road signs. There were hardly any signs to guide us on our 3.5 hour drive, which made things interesting at times. We definitely had to turn around once and we were constantly guessing ourselves and our map, which led us to rely on several (luckily) friendly and dependable locals pointing us in the direction of certain highways and roads.

We were getting pretty antsy once we drove into Placencia. It was around 5:30pm and we hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink since we got off our plane almost four hours earlier. But soon I spotted the sign for our resort, Singing Sands Inn!

Look what was waiting to greet us in the lobby:

photo (64)

We were immediately shown to our room, a cabana actually, steps away from the beach. The cabana itself was very simple, but nice. There was no TV and no air-conditioning, unless you reserved a small unit, which we did. There was a queen bed with a mosquito net (it was the wet season after all!), a sitting chair, a nice big shelf to put towels and toiletries on, and an ottoman to lay a suitcase on. It was just the right size for two people. My only complaint was I wished the toilet was in a separate room than the bed (there was a medium -sized wall instead), but I found the room to be charming.

Once we dumped our stuff in our room, a resort employee gave us a tour of the grounds, (which you will see in a later post). The property was gorgeous.

We received welcome drinks to enjoy.

We received welcome drinks to enjoy.

As we were pretty tired from our day of travel we promptly decided to eat dinner at the resort’s restaurant, The Bonefish Grille (after we enjoyed a few minutes on the lovely pier on the ocean). We were not disappointed!

We had a welcome dish brought out for us as scanned the menu.

photo (66)

Yummy bruschetta.

Unfortunately the sun had already set so the pictures I took of our entrees (Tommy got a beef dish and I got the shrimp marinara pasta) didn’t come out. However one did because the waiter turned on a lamp for me so I could capture the amazingess that was my dessert, coconut cream pie. OMG!

photo (68)

It just melted in your mouth.

After dinner, we retreated back to our cabana and settled in for the night watching The Tourist on my iPAD and then falling fast asleep. We couldn’t wait for Day 2 in Belize!



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7 responses to “I Can’t Belize It! Part 2

  1. Reblogged this on Cayo Buay and commented:
    A great story on a visit to Belize.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your time in Belize. Thanks for sharing.
    ps. I re-blogged..

    • Glad you enjoyed! A few more will be coming your way throughout the next few days. I loved my time there. Thanks for reblogging!

      • Looking forward to reading them, it’s always a good feeling when I can see the good experiences visitors have in my homeland and they keep my connected in a special way when I learn the experience from a different person’s POV. My pleasure.

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Central America – don’t know where to start! Why did you guys decide to go to Belize?

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